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3 Common Hair Extension Myths It's Time To Cut Loose

3 Common Hair Extension Myths It's Time To Cut Loose

Even though we’ve helped thousands of women around the world get the long, luxurious locks they want by using our virgin hair extensions, we’re always reminded that there are even more women who are too afraid to try hair extensions because of what we like to call THE DREADED MYTHS.

These are nothing but old wives tales passed down from mama to daughter, born in misinformation and kept alive by people who believe that hair extensions are from the devil, or some such nonsense.

Well, we’re here to set the record straight. If you’ve been letting the following virgin hair Extension myths stand in the way of the glorious hair you want, it’s time to CUT ‘EM LOOSE!

Myth 1: Virgin Hair Extensions Will Stunt Your Growth

Not your actual growth, silly, but the growth of your hair. For years women have thought that adding virgin hair extensions will prevent their natural hair from growing any longer, and this is a straight up LIE. Your hair will keep growing, which may in fact mean that you need to get your virgin hair extensions re-fastened from time to time.

Myth 2: Virgin Hair Extensions Will Damage Your Hair

This is such a common myth and we know it’s one that makes women afraid to try True Glory Hair’s virgin hair extensions. The fact of the matter is, this myth can sometimes be true, but ONLY if you don’t attach and remove your hair extensions with care! For the best results, have your hair extensions attached by a professional stylist who has experience with virgin remy hair products.

Myth 3: Virgin Hair Extensions Are Too Expensive For Everyday Use

Sure, there was a time when buying and wearing virgin hair extensions was a luxury that only celebrities could afford, but those days are long gone, girl! Part of the reason we started True Glory Hair was to make virgin hair products affordable to everyone. We feel that we’ve stayed true to that mission, and our customers tell us every day how happy they are with the value provided by our virgin hair extensions.

Will you be the next one to experience the joy of virgin hair extensions, or will you continue to let these silly myths stand in your way?

Take a minute to browse through all of the virgin hair products we offer here at True Glory Hair. If you have any questions about sizing or maintenance, simply leave a question for our qualified support staff. Shop now!
Conditioning Your Virgin Hair Extensions With Natural Oils

Conditioning Your Virgin Hair Extensions With Natural Oils


Taking care of your bundles goes beyond shampooing and conditioning in the shower every other day. Whether your extensions are sewn in or clipped in, if you want to maintain that amazing shine, texture, and bounce in your bundles it is important to treat those ends and keep your hair moisturized! One of the easiest ways to do this is by applying  any of the essential oils below:

Oil Type Benifits


Provides moisture 


Boosts softness and stimulates hair growth
Lavender Deep Conditions hair and boots shine
Coconut Penetrates hair to provided tons of moisture
Tea tree Perfect for dry/ itchy scalps and provided moisture


    A Word Of Caution!

    While natural oils will keep your hair soft and shiny, it’s important to use them very sparingly. Too much oil can build up on your hair, making it feel greasy and stringy instead of soft and beautiful.

    Some True Glory Hair customers prefer to make an emulsion of oil and water and put it in a spray bottle for easy application. The oil can then be spritzed on the hair in very small quantities, and combed through carefully for even distribution throughout the virgin hair extensions.

    A Letter To Our Customers

    The story of True Glory began back in 2010 when a young African-American couple realized that there was a massive opportunity to offer high-quality hair extensions at an affordable price. Something that, before then, hadn’t been done.

    Two weeks later they placed their first order using their overdue rent money and went into business—selling hair from the trunk of their car in Southwest Atlanta. Despite not spending a single dollar on marketing, word spread quickly throughout the city (and eventually the country), and before they knew it True Glory was a household name.

    Over time, and with the loyal support of our customers, True Glory has become the most trusted brand of hair in the hair capital of the world—ATL! We are proud and blessed to say that we’ve now served over 150,000 loyal customers, not just in Atlanta, but around the country.

    On a very personal note, we sincerely appreciate each and everyone one of you for giving us the opportunity to earn your business in a industry that historically seen African-Americans strictly as consumers, not entrepreneurs. Serving you is a responsibility that we approach with pride and honor.

    Over the years you've spoken and we've listened!! Today, we're excited to announce the launch of our new website. It’s beautiful, functional, and stocked with the Original True Glory Quality Hair that you have grown to love and trust. We hope you like the site!!

    That said, True Glory is about much more than selling hair. We are a company that wants you to step out everyday, looking and feeling beautiful. We are committed to providing the highest quality and best value in every bundle of hair we sell. We’re also committed to ensuring that every experience with True Glory, online or in one of our retail stores, is a great experience.

    We owe these improvements to you, because True Glory is nothing without you. Our appreciation and gratefulness for your business have been, and will continue to be a driving force in all that we do.

    We love you!! We respect you!! and We sincerely appreciate your business!!

    The True Glory Team