Care & Maintenance

In order for your True Glory virgin bundles to last, care for them like your own hair.

How do I prepare my bundles for install?
To prepare your bundles for install, prewash and condition your bundles with high quality shampoo and conditioning products that are Sulfate Free.

Can I dye my hair extensions?
These extensions are real human hair that can be colored. We recommend that you consult with an experienced hair care professional before altering the color of your True Glory virgin extensions.

Care & Maintenance Tips

  • Because of the number of waves in the Kinky curly hair, this hair requires more care and maintenance.
  • On a daily basis, wet your hair and gently comb out your Kinky curly hair with a wide-tooth comb.
  • Use a spray bottle to mist your hair with water followed by a creamy moisturizer to help avoid dryness or frizziness. You can use more product on your Kinky Curly than our other textures without having the appearance the hair is weighed down.
  • Comb hair into desired style using a wide-tooth comb and let wave pattern dry to set
  • After wave pattern has set, you can finger-comb your hair gently to add volume or brush to add afro-like volume.
  • Wash as needed, with a high-quality sulfate-free shampoo. Use a sulfate-free creamy conditioner to add moisture to the hair.

How do I straighten my Kinky Curly hair extensions?

  • First, shampoo and condition the hair with a high-quality sulfate-free shampoo to make sure hair is not weighed down by product that can prevent sleek straightening. Make sure your natural hair underneath your extensions is completely dry.
  • Part hair into four sections to ensure all hair gets the heat it needs to straighten.
  • Lightly mist your palm with a light heat-protectant product, then apply to the hair in each section.
  • We recommend using a blow drier with a comb attachment followed by a padded brush, to loosen the wave pattern before applying heat from a flat iron.
  • Take a small sub-section of hair and use a ceramic flat iron to squeeze hair firmly. Start at the root, and move slowly until you reach the end. If required, use this technique a second pass until hair is straight and sleek.
  • Repeat the instructions above until all your hair is complete.
  • Then cut and style as desired!