Difference Between Raw and Virgin Hair

True Glory Hair has built it's brand on selling the highest quality hair at the lowest prices. All of our hair is made up of 100% virgin hair that is high-quality, long-lasting, tangle-free, and lasts for over a year, often times much longer with proper care and maintenance!

What is Virgin Hair?

  • Our 100% virgin hair has not been chemically processed and whose cuticles are all aligned, meaning the hair will not tangle. Once the hair is cut from the donor, it undergoes rigorous sanitation to ensure cleanliness. True Glory 100% virgin bundles are durable and can easily be dyed, bleached, curled, and straightened without excessive damage and lasts for years!   

What is  Raw Hair?

  • Raw hair hair is made from 100% virgin hair, comes from 1 donor, and is left in its most natural state. After the hair is cut from the donor and is sanitized, each bundle is then hand-sorted to remove any imperfections such as  split ends and naturally discolored hair. Raw hair bundles have the healthiest hair strands, are very full, and are very long lasting.