The Difference Between Silky Straight and Textured Straight

Silky Straight- the True Glory Brazilian straight bundles you know and love are called silky straight. These strands are soft, silky, and have a medium luster. This hair is versatile and can blend well with straighten or relaxed hair giving you a flawless sleek finish.

Textured Straight-True Glory Hair now sells its popular Brazilian straight bundles in Textured Straight! The hair strands are thicker and more coarse than the Silky Straight and have a low-medium luster. The texture of this hair is often commonly known as Yaki straight, making this hair perfect for those with pressed or blown out natural hair. Due to its thick textured strands, it can hold curls really well and straighten to a sleek finish if you want to take your look from natural straight to sleek straight.