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Debunking the Myth: What’s the Tea on Mink Hair

When you’re shopping for almost anything, you want the highest quality they offer–and that shouldn’t change when shopping for hair. Quality bundles allow you to create different looks, dye the hair, use the extensions multiple times. But how do you know if the hair you’re purchasing is high quality?

What keywords do you typically use when shopping for your new look? You will usually find hair described as “100% Human Hair,” “100% Virgin”  or “100% Raw Human Hair.” Sometimes,  you may see “Grade 8A, 9A, or 10A.” The latest term that’s being used to describe the texture of bundles and frontals is “mink.” 

We know, it just sounds like the hair you want to touch–but it definitely makes you wonder about hair that isn’t referred to as “mink.” Is there a difference and should you be paying more for it? Let’s break down mink hair and all that it entails.

woman with flowing curls

Is Mink Hair a Myth?

Yes, but also no. The term “mink” could refer to a different texture of hair, softer hair, or hair with more volume. However, it simply means high quality. Many brands will market their hair as “mink,” which screams luxury, so of course, you’re led to believe this hair must be a notch above the best. But while the term alludes to luxury, which it very well can be, at the end of the day, it’s just  another way of saying “high quality.”

Some may feel that using the term “mink hair” can be misleading, but mink makes you think of softness, which can accurately describe the texture of Indian or Brazilian hair.

Can All Hair Be Considered Mink?

 Yes, but again it depends on the quality of hair. “Mink” is usually linked to both Brazilian and Indian hair due to their popularity, texture and quality. Both are marketed to be the best, but is there really a difference between the two?

long curly hair salon

Brazilian vs. Indian

Brazilian and Indian hair are two commonly used types of hair, and some may not understand the differences, aside from their origins. It has been argued that Brazilian hair is actually just Indian hair restyled, but these claims have never been confirmed. Trying out both textures will prove these two are not the same. So, if you’re looking to purchase bundles and you’re caught between the two, here’s your guide to compare and contrast:

Indian Hair is one of the most popular and sought out hair textures. It’s usually sold in its most natural form, curl and color. The natural texture of Indian hair makes it prone to frizz, which gives it the “natural look.” Its natural curl pattern makes it easy to blend with black hair, so it's become a go-to for Black Women.

  • Comes in curly or straight
  • Most natural looking
  • Very light in weight and density
  • Easy to style
  • Considered to be Raw Human Hair
  • May require more bundles if you’re looking for a fuller style

woman with long sleek hair

Brazilian Hair became quite popular on the heels of Indian hair and has been marketed as “luxurious” and more versatile for styling. Where Indian hair is more frizzy and considered “raw” or “natural,” Brazilian hair is sought after due to its silky texture.

  • Comes in curly, wavy and straight patterns
  • Considered luxurious
  • High in density, which makes it easy to hold heated curls
  • Requires fewer bundles for fullness
  • Color (bleaching) lifts easier

Okay, ladies, we hope this answered some of your questions as you shop for quality hair. When it comes to purchasing and making an investment in your look, marketing terms like “luxurious” and “mink” will always sound appealing. We suggest to always research brands that truly sell 100% Human Hair.

Brazilian and Indian hair have their own special qualities that make both or one of each acceptable. At True Glory Hair, we make your decision easy. Naturally curly hair or silky luxurious bundles–we have you covered. Our products are 100% Virgin Human Hair, and that includes our gorgeous Brazilian wigs, so wonder no more! Your only question now should be, “How many inches should I get?”

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