Virgin Brazilian Straight Bundle

Our Virgin Brazilian Straight hair bundle is soft and thick from weft to tip, making it easy to style and maintain. Because of the hair's durability, it can be curled and straightened easily and is the perfect option if you want an effortless, easy-to-style install.

Backed by our 15-day quality guarantee, you can enjoy your bundles with confidence knowing that you're investing premium quality virgin hair that is designed to last for years.

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In order for your True Glory virgin hair to last, care of it like your own.

What’s the difference between the Brazilian, Dyed Brazilian, and Indian Collections?
See chart here.

How do I prepare my bundles for install?
To prepare your bundles for install, pre-wash and condition your bundles with high-quality shampoo and conditioning products that are Sulfate Free.

Can I dye my hair extensions?
Yes, you can dye our Brazilian and Indian Collections. Our Dyed Brazilian Collection in Blonde has been pre-bleached, making it easier to deposit color into the hair. We recommend that you allow an experienced hair care professional to color of your hair extensions.

How do I care for my hair extensions?
To properly care for your extensions you should shampoo and condition regularly, with a high-quality sulfate-free shampoo. Use a sulfate-free creamy conditioner to add moisture. Use a heat protectant when applying heat styling tools, and sleep on a satin pillowcase (or in a satin cap) to reduce breakage, tangles and thinning

How do I care for my Straight textured hair extensions?
The Straight texture is extremely low-maintenance. To avoid weighing hair down, use only a small amount of product as needed. After install and washes, flat iron the hair to give a sleek appearance.

How to care for my Body Wave textured hair extensions?
The Body Wave texture is low-maintenance. To keep your bundles light and fluffy, use only a small amount of product. To enhance the Body Wave pattern, use a spray bottle to mist hair with water before adding products. Comb hair with a wide-tooth comb while damp and scrunch the hair with your hands. Allow hair to dry to set the wave pattern.

To set waves or curls, you can use a curling iron or Flexi Rods. To straighten hair, use very little to no product. Body Wave hair straightens very easily with a flat iron.

How do I care for my Deep Wave textured hair extensions?
The Deep Wave texture requires slightly more maintenance than the Body Wave textured hair. On a daily basis, wet your hair and gently comb out your Deep Wave hair with a wide-tooth comb. To apply product, rub product in palms of hands first, then distribute product evenly throughout hair.

To enhance the Deep Wave pattern and avoid dryness or frizziness, use a spray bottle to mist hair with water before adding a creamy moisturizer. Comb hair with a wide-tooth comb while damp and scrunch the hair with your hands. Allow hair to dry to set the wave pattern.

How do I care for my Curly and Kinky Curly textured hair extensions?
The Curly and Kinky Curly textures require more care and maintenance. On a daily basis, wet your hair and gently comb out your extensions with a wide-tooth comb. Use a spray bottle to mist your hair with water followed by a creamy moisturizer to help avoid dryness or frizziness. You can use more products on your Curly and Kinky Curly textured hair than other textures without having the appearance the hair is weighed down.

Comb hair into desired style using a wide-tooth comb and let wave pattern dry to set. After wave pattern has set, you can finger-comb your hair gently to add volume or brush to add afro-like volume.

How do I straighten my Deep Wave and Curly-textured hair extensions?
Deep Wave- and Curly- textured hair straightens with a flat iron into a coarser texture than the Body Wave.

Start by shampooing and conditioning the hair with a high-quality sulfate-free shampoo to make sure hair is not weighed down by product that can prevent sleek straightening. Make sure your natural hair underneath your extensions is completely dry.

Next, part hair into four sections to ensure all hair gets the heat it needs to straighten. Lightly mist your palm with a light heat-protectant product, and then apply to the hair in each section. We recommend using a blow drier with a comb attachment followed by a padded brush, to loosen the wave pattern before applying heat from a flat iron.

Take a small sub-section of hair and use a ceramic flat iron to grip hair firmly. Start at the root, and move slowly until you reach the end. If required, do a second pass until hair is straight and sleek. Repeat until all your hair is straightened. Then style as desired!

What are the differences between "raw" "remy" and "keratin-enriched" virgin hair

What is Raw Hair?

  • Raw virgin hair is a type of hair that has been cut directly from the donor with the hair cuticles all aligned and left in its most natural state. It is unprocessed, so it has not been bleached, permed, dyed, or chemically altered. Due to the unprocessed nature of this hair, it is very durable and can be bleached, dyed, and chemically altered without damage when done professionally. Raw virgin hair is a very high-quality hair type True Glory is best known for! 

What is Remy Hair?

  • Remy hair is a type of virgin hair where the hair cuticles are all aligned. However, unlike Raw virgin hair, the hair is not from a single donor and has been gently steamed to create curls and a beautiful finish. This hair type is what most hair companies in the U.S sell.
  • Due to the nature of this hair, the strands are more fine and delicate and not as durable as Raw virgin hair so we do not recommend chemically altering this hair. This hair can be straightened and curled and you can achieve the same beautiful styles as Raw virgin hair for less! Hair tip: because the strands of remy hair are finer than raw hair, it can be more prone to shedding and tangling; therefore, it is essential to co-wash remy hair and keep it moisturized!

What is Keratin-Enriched Hair?

  • Keratin-Enriched hair is a type of Raw virgin hair that has been conditioned with our naturally-derived propriety  ProteinPlex™ treatment. This enhances the hair’s durability, longevity, and overall beauty, extending the hair’s life past its usual normal life when left in its original raw state. Due to this additional treatment, this hair is our most expensive, but highest quality hair, that can only be found at True Glory Hair! 
  • Key benefits of Keratin-Enriched Hair:
    • Natural protection against color-treatment and damage caused by styling
    • Naturally fuller-looking virgin hair
    • Even longer lifespan! 3+ years with proper maintenance
  • Click here to visit our Keratin-Enriched page to learn more!