DIY Oscars Looks with True Glory Hair

The 91st Academy Awards Show aired last Sunday night and while some may have been interested in the awards, we had our eye on the red carpet looks. Hollywood showed up and showed out this year with looks that we can't wait to rock in the spring! If you’ve been searching on YouTube how to create some of your favorite celebrities look, but can’t find them, don’t worry. True Glory has you covered! Here are six Hollywood looks you can create using your favorite True Glory textures.

Regina King

We have to start our look book off with one of the biggest winners of the night, the legendary Regina King, who strutted away with an award for Best Supporting Actress in the movie If Beale Street Could Talk. In addition to walking away with the first award of the night, she also took our breath away on the red carpets with her breathtaking white dress and blunt cut bob. This particular hairstyle has been trending since 2018 and has continued into 2019 as a cutting edge, all-age appropriate look. The below neck length is perfect for anyone who wants to slay a lower cut but doesn’t want to go drastically short. The soft, beach waves elongate the length and create a defined look that's perfect for any event. Our favorite thing about this cut is how great on all face shapes.

Can you see what we see? I spot a closure, sis, and you can’t even tell! The closure is fitted perfectly to her edges with no need for slicked baby hair. With a natural middle appearing part, even we for a second thought this was her natural hair! The key to obtaining this look is by purchasing a quality closure, like our Virgin Brazilian Straight Lace Closure. The 4x4 lace also is hand-crafted for an undetectable, straight-from-scalp look giving a natural middle part just like Regina’s. After installing the closure, take a large-barrel curling wand and add loose curls to your hair. While you're wrapping your hair around the wand, stop wrapping two or more inches from the ends to keep them straight. After achieving beach waves with the wand, softly brush them out for a natural wave pattern in the hair.     


Tracee Ellis Ross

No doubt, our next look is one of the hottest looks that has graced a number of red carpets in recent months. We’re talking about the wet hair look! The wet hair look is styled as though you’ve just gracefully walked out of the pool with your hair combed back and hair looking wet. Many celebrities have worn this look including Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, and Cardi B. Actress and natural hair enthusiast Tracee Ellis Ross decided to debut her version at the Oscars, just in time for us to add her look to our list of must-tries! Tracee is true to her natural hair and fro look with her brand, so when creating this style as your own, you will need the best extensions you can get your hands on.

Did you think you would have to look far?  Of course, True Glory has you covered with our Virgin Indian Deep Wave Bundles Indian Deep Wave offers a natural curl pattern for beautiful tight curls mimicking Tracee’s. To get this look, drench your hair with water. Most people will recommend mousse as a product to use for this look, but we recommend something better. Liquid gel is key to achieving and maintaining this wet and wavy look. Mousse will leave the hair crunchy, hard, and course while gel produces soft, natural, wet curls. After the hair is saturated with water, gently apply the gel to the ends and work your way up. For extra definition, use a diffuser to dry the hair after applying the styling product. If you need to refresh the curls simply apply more water as this will reactivate the gel.


Angela Bassett and Elaine Welteroth

Another trend on the red carpet this year was the elongated, whip-my-hair low pony. This style was highlighted by numerous celebrities, but our favorites were Angela Bassett and Elaine Welteroth. Both ponytails featured inches on inches, but both styles differed from one another. Don’t worry, we’re going to give you the rundown of how to achieve both.

Angela Basset can do no wrong and this ponytail fitted perfectly with her elaborate dress. When wearing an intricate gown, wearing your hair in a ponytail simplifies the look without putting more focus on the gown than the hair or vice versa. Angela’s hairstyle was created using a lace front wig, while Elaine’s style consisted of her natural hair with extensions added to her ponytail. To recreate Angela's ponytail, you will need 2-3 bundles our  24"-28" Virgin Brazilian Body Wave. You can either create a wig as Bassett with the extensions or have them traditionally sew-in with a closure. Once you've installed the hair, rush it back into a low pony, using gel and your favorite edge control to hold the hair in place. For body, gently tease the hair to create a natural, tousled look. For Elaine’s look, use your natural hair. Brush your hair back into a ponytail, using your gel and edge control. Since Elaine’s look contains a defined texture, The Brazilian Kinky Curly Bundle hair in 28” for this look. Take the bundle and wrap the weft around the ponytail to create body and height. After wrapping the weft, add a few bobby pins to secure it into place. Then, wrap a few strands of hair around the weft to hide it creating a natural ponytail. This hairstyle can be created within just a matter of minutes!


Aja Naomi King

Aja Naomi King served us with the ultimate ponytail goal as she rocked a side ponytail with a thick feed-in braid. As she shut down the red carpet at the Vanity Fair after party for the Oscars, we couldn't help but think this hairstyle would be perfect for spring. Just like Elaine’s look, Aja incorporated her natural hair with the ponytail, but we suggest wearing this style in a traditional sew in as you can create multiple looks aside from the ponytail. For this look, we suggest using our 26" Virgin Brazilian Straight Bundles. Pull your hair into a high ponytail on top of your head letting the hair fall to the side. Braid the hair tightly adding gel and edge control to clean up the look and you are red carpet ready.












Jennifer Lopez

This list would be complete without jenny from the block! When it comes to the red carpet, Jennifer Lopez can do no wrong! As she wore two looks that night, our favorite, by far, was her Vanity Fair after party look with a side part and pin-curls. Her hair was super chic with a dash of old Hollywood glam. This is the perfect style to wear if your ex was to show up at the same party as you. To get this look, you will need to install our Virgin Brazilian Body Wave 14”. For the curls, grab a large-barrel curling wand and wrap the hair widely around the barrels. Immediately after curling the strands, take a bobby pin and pin curl the hair. On the side where the part is, do not pin curl as this side is less dramatic as the other. After curling, finger comb out the curls for a beautiful finished look. Mist your hair with a holding spray to contain flyaways and keep the curls fresh and defined. 

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