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Edge Control: How to Properly Slay Your Baby Hair

Edges laid, baby hair poppin’, frontal blended, natural hair on fleek. I’m sure you’ve heard one of these phrases and they all point to the flawless completion of your hairstyle. Styling your baby hair is the cherry on top of whatever look you’re rocking. Braids, locs, bundles with a frontal or a full unit–where there is a baddie, there’s baby hair slayed.

Getting the look is simple, but maintaining your slicked edges throughout the day, not so much. Using the proper products for your hair type is essential to get the perfect look and hold. We put together a how-to on how to get the look, the products you’re going to need and inspo for you to recreate.

Baby Hair Baddies

FKA Twigs is known for her over-the-top baby hair, from spelling out entire words to framing your entire face.

Saweetie loves her baby hair on swim. She styles her edges in a wave formation to help blend her natural hair with her deep wave unit.

Lori Harvey has made soft, whimsical baby hair her signature look, which can be a great look on a body wave style using a frontal or closure.

So which style is your go-to? Are you looking to create a soft look like Lori Harvey, give the girls a look like FKA or rock your natural hairline to blend your frontal like Saweetie?

To Slay or Not to Slay

Baby hair is not new for most women. Many can remember grabbing a toothbrush, gel and water to slick their edges back for picture day at school. Much like everything from the ’90s, this style has come back with new looks but the same technique. Your baby hair can be soft and whimsical while framing your face or strategically placed, creating tiny waves all the way down to your ear. Also, a popular look amongst many is the finishing loop. Let’s say you want to create baby hair to blend your frontal. We have your how-to below. Let’s create your signature baby hair…

  • Frontal Goals

Baby hair and laid edges are open for all to enjoy. Whether you’re in a frontal or enjoy leaving your natural hair out, you can still get the IG Baddie look. Creating baby hair allows you to blend and camouflage your frontal flawlessly, while also giving your look a signature that is your own. With True Glory Hair frontals and closures, you’re already one step closer because our frontals come with pre-selected baby hair to make blending easier. Simply cut the baby hair to the length of your liking and you’re ready to blend and slay those edges!

  • Natural Hairline

For our ladies who prefer to use their natural hairline with a full unit, baby hair can still be achieved. Position your frontal or unit slightly behind your natural hairline. Separate your baby hair and place the lace frontal in the parting section, apply your fave concealer to match your scalp and begin to create your waves, curls and loops.

Whichever style you want, we have the tools and products for you to achieve your signature look.

Get into our breakdown on how to lay those edges and get the IG Baddie stamp of approval every time.

Gel vs. Edge Control vs. Mousse

Picking the right product truly depends on your hair type and texture, so it’s best to try a few different options to know which one works best for you. For a body wave or deep wave frontal, a mousse is perfect to secure your edges. Thicker hair may require an edge control with a firm hold to ensure your edges stay laid, and if your hair is on the fine side, a gel may work better for you. However, texture also plays a role–3B - 4C reacts differently to gel, water and the hard wax that you may find with edge control.


Due to the resurgence of baby hair and styling, hair care companies have created their own two-sided brushes made just to lay and secure your edges. However, a soft toothbrush from your local convenience store will work just fine if you’re in a pinch. You want to make sure the brush is soft so it will not be too rough on your edges.

Once you have the brush of your liking, grab your fave edge control or gel and start small. A little goes a long way, so not too much product. Make small swoop-like movements until you’ve created a pattern to flatter your hairline. Now that you have the look you want, wrap your hairline with a silk scarf for extra hold. Five to 10 minutes is all you’ll need and you’re ready to slay the day!

Pro-Tip: If you have fine edges and still want to create this look, try using hair building fibers to fill in your gaps.

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