Valentine's Day Hairstyles

Love is in the air and our favorite red, white, and pink holiday is right around the corner. Valentine’s Day is perfect to show the ones you love, just how much they’re adored. Whether you’re celebrating with a fun date night, hanging with your family, or getting together with your friends for a “Galentine’s' ' event, we’ve got some great hairstyles for any occasion.

The holiday falls on a Friday this year, so even if you’re going from work to a date or event, these hairstyles work for both a casual environment and an upscale restaurant or lounge.


1. Sleek and Sexy

Keep things simple with a classic middle part and a sleek, straight look. This is a perfect hairstyle for a date night and will complement any outfit choice. You can bring this look to life with the Virgin Brazillian bundles. Add some flair and personality with fun hair clips or a bold lipstick to bring the full look together.

2. Low Bun

Who said low buns are no fun? Bring all the #WorkBae vibes to your date or a fun outing with your friends. If you won’t have time to run home and switch up your look, a low bun is the perfect go-to and will work with any outfit choice. If you want to switch up your bun look, you can twist the hair or create a braided bun that will last days after the holiday. Incorporate some fun hair accessories after work hours to really make this look pop. 

3. High Pony

This classic hairstyle is perfect for any occasion with any group of people. Turn heads when you walk into an upscale restaurant or become the talk of the girl’s room when you’re out with your friends. Add some fun hair clips to spice up your look or some gold wrap to elevate the ponytail. You can execute this look with Indian Straight bundles or create a full look with a Loose Curl pattern.

4. Half Up, Half Down

Can’t decide on the specific hairstyle you want? Give yourself the best of both worlds with a half up-half down style. This 90s inspired look has come back and is trending now, more than ever. Rock a deep wave look or keep it classic with straight hair, either look you choose will go great with a casual or dressy look. 

Rock a ponytail with your half up-half down or create a top knot bun with the hairstyle for a different look. 

5. Waves, Galore

Tired of straight hair and want to create a new look for Valentine’s holiday? Switch up your style with a full deep wave look. Bring the beach to your date or your girl’s night out with a fun, wavy style that will make anyone’s jaw drop while they’re out with you -- Yes, even your friends will want to rock the same hairstyle after Galentine’s Day is over. Don’t want all of your hair to hang down? Switch up the look with a few braids in the front or on the side.

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