Dream Big...

Our founder, Kevin, started True Glory from very humble beginnings, selling premium quality hair from the trunk of his car in Southwest Atlanta. From the start, Kevin embraced a vision of building much more than just another fly-by-night hair business. Instead, he wanted to create a company that treated its customers, many of whom were part of his own community, with dignity and respect. A company that could establish enduring trust through consistently delivering on its promise of offering premium quality products at an affordable price. A company that his customers could come to respect and celebrate as their own.

Hustle Every Day

Ever since 2010, we’ve been on a mission to do just that. Today, through hustle, determination, and the support of our beloved customers, True Glory Hair is the most trusted virgin hair brand in the United States. And we’re just getting started!

Although our business has grown and evolved, we still strive to uphold our founder’s original idea of building trust and value with our customers.

And Serve Your Customers!

In 2016, Kevin and I teamed up in order to pursue our shared vision of taking True Glory Hair to the next level. We envisioned a company that was able to offer more premium quality products in more places, and an even better customer experience. Today, that’s exactly what we’re building.

We are deeply committed to serving you through our mission, but we’re also committed to being a leading example of what it means to build an enduring company in an industry that has historically underserved its customers. We know that the only way to earn your trust is through excellence. Please hold us to it!

CEO, True Glory Brands

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