Lace Closure vs. Lace Frontal: What's the Difference?

Lace frontals and lace closures are both natural-looking options that help you create stunning hairstyles while offering a straight-from-the-scalp look. Both are perfectly customizable, with long parts, baby hair potential, and coverage to protect your natural hair, but there are some differences between the two that you need to know before making your selection between the two.

Virgin Brazilian Lace Closure | Virgin Brazilian Lace Frontal


Cost, versatility, and maintenance are a few of the main differentiators that you should be aware of, but we’ll go over everything there is to know in the closure vs. frontal debate below. 

Lace Closure: Best for Beginners, Less Versatile

With a lace closure, the hair comes out of a square or rectangular mesh piece (the standard size of this piece is 4 inches by 4 inches, but other sizes are available), which makes it cheaper as well as more manageable and easier to install. Of course, the small closure piece does come with some drawbacks in terms of styling.

➤Lace Closure Pros

  • Easy and Low-Maintenance—All in all, lace closures are better for beginners because they’re less hassle. They can be used to make a wig or sewed directly on to your braids as part of a sew-in and require a lot less upkeep. Because of this, many stylists often recommend them as a great transition from leave-out sew-ins.
  • More Affordable—Closures start off lower in price than frontals and, since there’s a smaller hairline and your stylist won’t have to spend as much time working with it, the installation will be cheaper. This is another reason why they’re commonly recommended for beginners.
  • Longer Lifespan—One of the best things about closures is that they last longer per install, whereas frontals need attention every couple of weeks (unless installed as a wig). Keeping your wavy Brazilian lace closure looking beautiful and natural will be easier.


➤Lace Closure Cons


  • Limited Parting and Styling—The primary drawback with a closure is that the hairline only goes from temple to temple. The smaller area means you basically have two options—either part your hair in the center or the side. Because of the small parting area, you may not be able to put your hair in an up-do, ponytail, or bun with this style (in other words, it’s not the best for half-ups or bun-bang combos).


Lace Frontal: More Versatile, More Work

The main difference between a lace closure and a lace frontal is that the frontal has a larger mesh piece, usually 13 inches by 4 inches (though other sizes are available), offering an ear-to-ear hairline. This means lace frontals have more hair, which can be a good thing for versatility and aesthetic, and a drawback for cost and maintenance.


➤Lace Frontal Pros

  • More Parting and Styling Potential—With a frontal, you get an ear-to-ear hairline rather than temple-to-temple, so you get more versatility with parting and styles. If you want to rock the uber-popular top knot or a high pony, you’ll want to consider getting to know the lace frontal. 
  • Creates a More Natural Hairline—Of course, the longer hairline more closely mimics your natural hairline and will look more realistic when you pull your hair back or tuck it behind your ears. And, since you have a lot more parting opportunity and can customize more of the hairline, they tend to look more natural.
  • Great for Protective Styles—Because frontals offer fuller coverage, they are great protective styling options when applied correctly. Frontals can help you keep more of your natural hairline free of breakage, over-processing, and daily damage. 

    ➤Lace Frontal Cons

    • More Work and Maintenance—The main drawback of lace frontals is that they’re a lot more work to install. Unless they come customized or pre-plucked, you’ll probably spend more time preparing a frontal than you might a closure. Another thing to note is that frontals may not be able to be only sewed in and may require glue or another type of hold. 
    • More Expensive—You can expect to pay about 20 percent more for your lace frontal than you might a lace closure. However, if you’re the kind of person who likes to change your hair often and to have more versatility with styling, you may end up paying less over time when you invest in a frontal rather than constantly changing up your style.
    • Shorter Lifespan—Lace frontals have a shorter lifespan when installed—often only about two or three weeks because of the way they are adhered with glue. Nevertheless, with a good quality frontal, it can be washed and reused for another install. Of course, you can get yours sewn into a wig to lengthen its life. 


      The Best Closures and Frontals

      No matter if you prefer a closure or a frontal, you can count on the very best quality at the best price from True Glory Hair. When you purchase a Brazilian lace frontal or closure from our store, you’re getting 100% premium virgin hair that is long-lasting and has a natural luster, so you’re going to love the way it looks and feels no matter what.

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