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How to Sew-in a Lace Closure

So, you’re thinking about trying a lace closure. Okay, girlie, so why the change? Perhaps you’re looking for a protective style while transitioning your hair, or because you finally committed to the big chop. Hmm, maybe you’re just a girl who wants versatility and likes to switch things up from time to time. Okay, sis, a lace closure it is! Honestly, this is the perfect way to achieve all your hair goals while maintaining the health of your hair.

Choosing a lace closure opens you up to the world of trying different colors, lengths and textures, all while keeping your natural hair protected from heat and color damage. Once you learn the technique of applying a lace closure, you can become a new woman with each fun, trendy style. With True Glory Hair, you can serve a bone straight Naomi Campbell look, blonde layered tresses like Beyoncé or even a vibrant color like Megan Thee Stallion!

Lace Closures

Method to the Madness

To add a lace closure to your hairstyle, use one of these two methods:

  1. Sew the lace closure directly to your hair, while using a bonding adhesive to secure the lace over your natural hairline. This technique is most popular amongst the baddies who like to keep their closure and style for longer than a few days.
  1. Sew the lace closure and additional bundles onto a wig cap, ensuring your protective style can be easily removed and reapplied. This technique is popular amongst the IG influencers, allowing them to switch from look to look flawlessly.

Blow by Blow

Okay, ladies, now that you know the ways to install, let us give you the blow by blow to get your closure in formation.

What you’ll need:

  • Curve-shaped weaving needle
  • Weaving thread
  1. Prepping your hair for the install is a must! To ensure your hair is not only protected but that your closure lays properly, it’s best to braid your natural hair into cornrows. For a lace closure, we suggest braiding your hair directly towards the back.
  1. Once cornrowed, take your curve-shaped needle, thread it and begin to sew the closure onto your cornrows. Placement of the closure is your choice, but lining it up directly in the middle of your hairline is ideal.
  1. Once your closure has been properly installed, apply your bundles to the rest of your exposed braids until your hair is at the fullness you’re comfortable with.

Securing Your Closure  

Whew! At this point, your closure has been installed, bundles are sewn in and you’re looking gorgeous. Now all you have to do is secure your closure to your hairline.

What you’ll need:

  • Hair Glue or Bonding spray
  • Blow dryer (optional)
  1. Apply a thin layer of glue or spray directly over your natural hairline, place the lace over the layer of bonding and hold for 30 seconds.
  1. If available, use your blow dryer to seal the bonding adhesive.


You’ve officially applied your first lace closure and, girl, you look good! You’re ready for date night, girls’ night out and, yes, selfies!

Maintain the Look!

Before you sashay off, let’s discuss upkeep. We wouldn’t be good girlfriends if we didn’t set you up for success.

Maintaining your lace closure is a priority. Just like any other hairstyle, be sure to wrap and protect your hair while sleeping and avoid getting your closure wet when showering.

How long the adhesive lasts varies–depending on your activities. If you’re active at the gym or on a hot vacay slaying the beach, sweating can cause the bond to loosen. It’s totally normal! Simply reapply, lay those baby hairs and you’re ready for another selfie to post on the ’gram!


Closures are perfect to wear as a protective style or an option to try different colors, lengths and textures. They can be worn in the fashion of weaving or applied to a cap to be worn as a full unit. While baby hair is optional, secure the closure at all times! And lastly, protect the style that’s protecting your natural hair.

Now, go pose for the ’gram!

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