How To Use The LOC Method To Care For Your Curly Extensions

People often forget that even though the bundles on your head are not growing from your scalp, they are still virgin hair. This means they did come off someone else’s head and still have to be taken care of as if they were your own. If your bundles are curly, then they definitely require more maintenance to ensure moisture and longevity. The tighter the hair pattern, the more opportunities are presented for your hair to get tangles.

The LOC method stands for the liquid, oil, cream method and it is a way to ensure ultimate moisture retention, not just for your real hair but for your hair extensions as well. Here is how you can use this method to care for your curly hair:


Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Leave-in Conditioner/Liquid- The L in LOC stands for liquid (water) or leave-in conditioner and they are both used to provide moisture that will be sealed into your curly hair strands. For this step, you can apply either water or leave-in conditioner separately or to make it easier create a mixture of both in a spray bottle and apply to clean hair.
  2. Oil- The next thing you will be applying to your curly bundles is oil. Typically putting certain oils on your bundles can cause your hair to be weighed down, however for curly hair extensions applying some light oils is a good thing. Oil is a great sealant and will lock in the moisture from the water or leave-in conditioner you previously applied in the first step. Only apply a THIN layer of a light oil to avoid weighing the hair down. We recommend using a dime-size amount of grapeseed, argan, or jojoba oil.
  3. Cream- The final step to having your curly extensions look amazing is to add a creamy moisturizer. This final product can be anything from a styling cream to a curly pudding, it’s totally up to you! The creamy finish will trap the moisture in your strands and give you great definition all day long!



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