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Trendy Fall Hair Colors

Trendy Fall Hair Colors

The phenom known as “hot girl summer” has officially come to a close. The cool weather of fall has rolled in which means it’s time to switch things up! From your wardrobe to your hair, it’s out with the vibrant colors and in with the warm and cool tones. With the new season here, do more than just purge your outfits, upgrade your summer hairstyles to autumn-inspired cuts and colors.

Need some color inspiration? We’ve got you covered! Keep reading below for our top picks for your fall hair! 

1. Warm Blonde Hues

If blonde is your favorite color and go-to look, you can still rock it during the Fall season. Ditch the vibrant and bleach blonde colors and try the golden hues that match the cool weather of the new season. A fun color to try is a strawberry blonde. Not to be confused with a pink color, this blonde incorporates a wheat tone of blonde with a reddish tone to create a more copper look on your hair. If your extensions are already blonde, this will be a smooth transition and create a ‘warm’ look for your face. It’s important to remember that when using any shade of blonde, to condition your hair frequently to avoid damage.

Warm Blonde Hues

2. Deep Red

Remember when red used to be an “off-limits” color or a color people would be skeptical about? That’s no longer. Red is an absolute go to color this fall and we’ve got our eyes on a deep red tone. Wine down this Fall season with a fun and vibrant deep red color for your extensions. If you’re not a fan of dramatic hair colors, this is the perfect option for you. Easily transition from a natural brown color to a wine color red or even an auburn red. Keep in mind that red is not a low maintenance color and can fade quickly if you’re consistently washing and styling your extensions. 

Deep Red


3. Warm Chocolate

It’s said that blondes have more fun but explore the life of a brunette this fall. A chocolate hair color is a must have for your extensions this year. A deep brown color not only matches the cool weather but also complements the ideal Fall wardrobe colors. You can even use the deep chocolate colors as a base to add reddish-brown highlights or blonde streaks for a pop of color.  

Warm Chocolate

4. Caramel Highlights

If you’re looking for a hair color to compliment your favorite pumpkin spice treats, caramel highlights are it! The perfect balance between brunette and blonde, this pop of color is trendy for the fall. To achieve this hair color, simply start with a golden brown or brunette foundation and add light brown caramel streaks throughout the hair. You can wear this look two ways: Starting the highlights at the roots or by creating an ombre effect in the middle of the hair or at the ends. 

 Caramel Highlights

Tell us your go to color for the fall and let us know if we missed any must-have colors for the season!

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