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3 Common Hair Extension Myths It's Time To Cut Loose

3 Common Hair Extension Myths It's Time To Cut Loose

We're still surprised to hear from many women that they are nervous to try virgin hair extensions because of what we like to call THE DREADED MYTHS.

These are nothing but old wives tales passed down from mama to daughter, born in misinformation and kept alive by people who believe that virgin hair extensions are from the devil, or some such nonsense.

Well, we’re here to set the record straight. If you’ve been letting the following virgin hair extension myths stand in the way of the glorious hair you want, it’s time to CUT ‘EM LOOSE!

Myth 1: Virgin Hair Extensions Will Stunt Your Growth

Not your actual growth, silly, but the growth of your hair. For years women have thought that adding virgin hair extensions will prevent their natural hair from growing any longer, and this is a straight up LIE. Your hair will keep growing, which may, in fact, mean that you need to get your virgin hair extensions re-fastened from time to time.

Myth 2: Virgin Hair Extensions Will Damage Your Hair

This is such a common myth and we know it’s one that makes women afraid to try virgin hair extensions. The fact of the matter is, this myth can sometimes be true, but ONLY if you don’t install and remove your hair extensions with care! For the best results, have your hair extensions installed by a professional stylist who has experience with virgin hair extensions.

Myth 3: Virgin Hair Extensions Are Too Expensive For Everyday Use

Sure, there was a time when buying and wearing virgin hair extensions was a luxury that only celebrities could afford, but those days are long gone, girl! Part of the reason we started True Glory Hair was to make QUALITY virgin hair products affordable to everyone. We feel that we’ve stayed true to that mission, and our customers tell us every day how happy they are with the value provided by our virgin hair extensions.

Take a minute to browse through all of the virgin hair products we offer here at True Glory Hair. Shop Now! 
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