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Winter Care Tips For Your Brazilian Body Wave Hair

Winter Care Tips For Your Brazilian Body Wave Hair

We have a confession.

We’re addicted to lip balm. (Tell us we're not the only ones. Please.)

We can’t help it! When the weather starts to get cold in autumn, it feels like all the moisture gets sucked out of our skin, especially our lips. Rather than walk around with a mouth that looks like it’s covered in dry onion peels, we apply lip balm. EARLY AND OFTEN.

Dry Winter Weather Is Terrible For Brazilian Body Wave Hair!

Well. did you know that winter weather can have the same effect on your Brazilian Body Wave hair? It’s true. Winter is a rough time for the virgin hair extensions, frontals, and closures we sell here at True Glory Hair.

Before it gets too cold out there, be sure you’re prepared to take care of your Brazilian Body Wave hair properly! You don’t want to be walking around with hair that looks like it’s starving for moisture. Here are our best tips for maintaining your Brazilian Body Wave hair in the winter.

Consider them lip balm for your hair. Now excuse us, we have to go reapply.

Moisture Is A Must!

As we’ve detailed in previous blogs, conditioning your hair with natural oils is essential to keep them looking and feeling their best. In winter, this dose of extra moisture is doubly important. Choose coconut or almond oils, as these tend to have the best results on our Brazilian Body Wave hair.

Weekly Deep Conditioning Treatment

Even if you’re using natural oils as your conditioner, you might want to consider a weekly deep conditioning treatment during the dry winter months. Doing so can help you to avoid the static, flyaway hairs that affect us all (even people who aren’t wearing True Glory Brazilian Body Wave hair).

Limited Heat Styling

Finally (and you straightener and curling iron fangirls are gonna hate this), you might want to consider toning it down on the heat styling during winter months. Heated air dries out your skin and hair, and if you’re also straightening and curling your hair with heat tools, the impact is even worse. Think about avoiding these styles on the weekends or other days when you can look more casual.

Watch Out For Wetness!

We know you would NEVER go out with your Brazilian Body Wave hair still wet from washing, but it’s especially important that you avoid this faux pas in the winter time. Doing so could allow your hair to freeze (!!!) and break like an icicle.

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