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3 Fun Braiding Styles Using Virgin Hair

3 Fun Braiding Styles Using Virgin Hair

Long hair and braiding are a perfect duo. Braids make a fashion statement everywhere. Right from the red carpet to your corporate meetings. They just fit in like a True Glory Hair bundle that can help you make braids of any kind. Yes, girl! We are talking about a multi-utility hair bundle that supports any braiding hairstyle you want to have. Even if your hair is short, using braiding hair to get gorgeous hair locks is easy to achieve. Select the hair bundle, get it installed and look stunning with afro-braids.

So, if you are looking for your hair braids to be done, please continue with this blog and fetch out information about hair braids that are true head-turners.

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Why do you need hair bundles for braiding hair?

hair bundles for braiding hair

When doing a braid, your hair is divided into multiple sections and tied intensively to form one braid or lock. Since your hair is so tightly knit, the chances are that no matter how heavy your hair is, they start looking thinner.

Also, if you have short hair, the Virgin Hair Bundles will help you to get the long braids you want.

True Glory Hair deals in Pure Virgin Brazilian Hair that are known for their quality and shine. This straight hair bundle can be treated to get into any color or pattern you feel like.

It comes in different lengths, starting from 10 inches to as long as 28 inches. They sell these bundles in different variants- premium virgin and virgin. You can choose the one that suits you best. The difference between the two varieties is explained on the website of True Glory Hair itself.

Well now that being said, let us move towards the hairstyles that can be easily created from this hair bundle alone.

Cornrow Braids

Cornrow Braids

Sleek and stylish this Protective Hairstyle is again making a comeback in the fashion industry. This looks fierce and is best suitable for people with a small forehead and sharp jawlines as neatly tied back braids accentuate your facial features more.

If you are a fan of braids and you feel there is not enough volume on your head, cornrows are a fashionable escape for the same.

It doesn't demand more hair volume but will look compact and neat. You can add hair bundles to increase the length and then tie all of them into a braided low bun. The look is so natural that nobody can even guess that it's not your own tresses.

Spiraled End Braids

It's a type of braid that is just like the standard braids but with unfinished ends. They are quite popular among mixed hair types and individualxs who love to layer their real tresses with Virgin Hair Extensions.

You can wear it in various ways: braided, curled, or just left open. The length of your Spiraled Braids will depend on the length of your hair bundles. You can also perm or supercoil the hair so they stay in place longer while adding more versatility to your hairdo.

They are fun and they carry uniqueness even in their unfinished looks.

Fulani Braids

Fulani Braids

This is a very unique style that can definitely give you the look of a young professional. It is done with hair extensions, but it will not be too much if you are new to this. As long as you have your natural hair on top, you will be able to carry the style and enhance your features.

Fulani braids is an artisan take on your regular braids that is inspired by African people, the Fulani tribe in particular. The intricate hairstyle comprises four different sections: one cascading cornrow, another section of strands woven underneath from each ear over your crown and pulled back in reverse into a bun (the bun can be off-center for some), a single section of rows that travels from top to bottom above your forehead and is tied into a knot alongside your face crest making your jawline look chiseled.

Once it is done using hair braiding bundles, you can attach rings, beads, or hair jewelry to the locks and make them look shiny and blingy.


You can buy your own Virgin Hair Bundles Deals to DIY a hair braid of your choice. We just mentioned 3 braid styles but you can create any braid your desire with our versatile braiding hair bundles. Our hair is 100% unprocessed human hair, which means it is 100% real human hair. If you want to change your hairstyle every day, you can have them without any damage to your own hair. The hair bundles are affordable, but the quality is super good! If you want to buy them, visit our store soon.

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