Answers To Popular Questions About Curly Clip-In Extensions

Curly clip-in hair extensions have always been popular among women because of their ability to transform your look in a snap. If you are already a buyer of curly clip-ins you might have some questions about their wearability and maintenance. The list below might help to clear some doubts you may have as a user. And, if you have not purchased clip in extensions yet, these queries will assist you to make a better purchase decision. Let's start.

1. How To Refresh Curls Of Your Clip-In Hair Extensions?

Human hair Clip-in extensions tend to accumulate frizz over time. To make them fresh and lively again you need to provide routine maintenance. To refresh your curls, you can spray some water on the hair of your clip in extensions and apply a leave-in conditioner. Try to do this daily for maximum hydration. There is another longer process and that is washing your hair extensions with shampoo and then applying conditioner.

2. How To Store Curly Clip-In Extensions?

The curls of clip in human hair extensions need to be in proper shape to keep the beauty and grace of the curls intact. If you are a regular user, hang them on extension hangers with wefts clipped to the hanger. If you use them occasionally, fold and store them in a place away from extreme heat, cold, and sunlight. Try to keep them in a box if possible.

3. Can Curly Clip In Extensions Be Straightened?

It’s not possible to straighten very curly hair extensions. But, if you have human hair extensions like True Glory Hair, they can be treated like your real hair. You can heat style them and then after a wash they’ll return to their original form.

4. How To Style Curly Clip In Extensions?

Styling curly clip-in extensions is not very difficult. All you have to do is clip them on, scrunch them a little for a seamless look and then you can style them any way you want. We suggest not making any hairstyle where you have to wear your hair up as it will make the weft visible and will ruin the hairstyle. Here are a few hairstyles that you can create with Clip-in Hair extensions

  • Half up and down
  • Low Ponytail
  • Low Bun

5. How To Blend Curly Clip In Hair Extensions?

You can blend your curly clip in hair extensions in 5 simple steps:

  • Create curls in your real hair by dampening them and braiding them tightly.
  • Untie braids and now divide your hair from the back in 3 portions.
  • At each portion, apply a clip in hair extensions on your scalp.
  • Every time you install the curly extension, use water spray on them and your real hair to create more curls
  • Once clips are covered on the head, run your fingers gently through to scrunch the hair

6. Can I Oil My Curly Clip In Hair Extensions?

Yes, you can oil your curly clip in hair extensions but make sure you do not use oils like coconut or cocoa as they may weigh your extensions down. Also, make sure that the oil doesn’t touch the weft as it may lead to hair falling out from the weft. If you plan on oiling your extensions on a regular basis then we suggest using argan oil and it is light in nature and has a lot of hydrating properties.

7. How To Remove The Frizziness Of My Curly Clip In Hair Extensions?

The curly clip in hair extensions tend to frizz and tangle more compared to regular hair extensions. To keep them healthy and in the best shape, you can follow the tips below.

  • Use some drops of oil on your extensions before use
  • Use leave-in conditioners
  • Use sulfate-free shampoo only
  • Apply mousses or nourishing hair balm on the tips of your hair extensions and then scrunch the hair
  • Limit heat styling

8. What Products Are Harmful To Curly Clip Ins?

In order to take better care of clip ins we need to be mindful of the products we use. Some products that are a BIG NO on hair extensions-

  • Sulfate based shampoos
  • Ethanol-based products
  • Hair spray
  • Hair gels

You can occasionally use a small amount of hair gel to scrunch the curls of your human hair extensions.

So, if you had any reservations about using curly clip-in hair extensions, we hopeful that the above was able to clear them as we have reached the end of this blog. Clip-in hair extensions are been a fun way to get instant hair transformation. They are easy and manageable. There are three prime reasons for them being the ultimate choice for you.

  • The curls bring major hair transformation
  • The curls' shape is more defined than real hair curls
  • With clip-in, the curly hair transformation is easy and quick.

Hands down clip in extensions are must-try hair extensions. If you have not bought a good curly clip-in set yet please visit our website and purchase one right away!

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