Hairstyle Calendar 2022 with True Glory Hair Extensions

A new page to everybody's life waiting to be filled with opportunities and happiness. This time, keep a little space for fashion as well. We have come up with 12 gorgeous looks you can create every month and just make 2022 stunning.

So, if you are looking forward to a fashionable year, check out the hairstyles that are easily doable with Virgin Human Hair Wigs below.

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Virgin Brazilian Straight Clip-Ins - True Glory Hair
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Virgin Brazilian Straight Clip-Ins - True Glory Hair

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Virgin Brazilian Loose Wave Bundle - True Glory Hair

Beanie January With Brazilian Loose Waves

Brazilian Loose Waves Bundles

Beanies are so in, and so is the flawless wavy hair. Get yourself a Virgin Brazilian Loose Wave Closure made of human hair and install to your head. Don't worry, even if it is not neat, as the untidiness of hair installation will be covered under the furry ball-topped Beanie.

This look will be perfect to go when you are on your new year vacation or even going to watch pretty snowfall. Your real hair will be covered under the Beanie that makes you warm, and loose waves from closure dangling down will make you look hot!

Glammed Up February with U-Part Straight Wig

U-Part Straight Wig

It is Valentine's month, and you need to be spot-on in terms of glamour. Straight hair with middle partition is so hot that your man will again fall in love with you.

Prep up for a romantic dinner date by wearing a bodycon dress and a Virgin Brazillian Straight U-Part Wig made of virgin human hair. Comb your wig nicely before you put it on to avoid any tangles. The straight hair and that pretty dress will undoubtedly steal your man's heart away. And if you are single, you will not remain single after wearing this combination!

Bandana March With Body Wave Clip-ins

Body Wave Clip in hair extensions

Bandanas are so colorful, and it is perfect to wear this look when spring is dawning. Wear a casual tee and colorful bandana with a bunch of wavy hair flowing around.

If you think your hair is not wavy or bouncy enough to give that bouquet effect, you can wear a virgin Human Hair Wigs from True Glory. Virgin Brazilian Body Wave Clip-ins are easy to wear. Clip into your head, put on a bandana with big hoops, and there you go! As cheerful as spring!

Blonde and Beautiful April With Bob Wig

Blonde Bob Wigs

Blonde hair with the sun reflecting over it makes your hair look nonetheless than gold. It is an easy-to-wear virgin Human Hair Bob Wigs.

This look is so bold and unique that you can do tons of experiments. You can wear this wig with dazzled side pins on the side or a little colorful bow clip on top.

You can be cute, you can be fierce, and you can be sexy. You can be everything with this hair look.

Box Braids May With Straight Bundle

Box braids using straight bundles

Summer at this time will be at its prime. It would help if you had a protective hairstyle that keeps your hair safe yet fashionable at that time. You can wear box braids with Virgin Brazillian Straight Bundle Deals.

Whether you want to spend a day on the beach or go to the office, your bo braids will complement you either way.

Top Bun June With Kinky Straight Closure

Kinky Straight Closure

You start getting heat pricks; obviously, hair touching your skin could be quite irritating. Well, try this hairstyle that will keep you cool but is gorgeous.

Buy Virgin Kinky Straight Closure and tie your hair in a tight top bun. Wear cold shoulder tops or hoops to accentuate your jawline and collar bone. Don't be body image-conscious. Top buns always manage to pull off your best features.

Scarfy July With Body Wave Headband Wig

Body Wave Headband Wig

Long hair is always a show-stealer. Wear Virgin Brazillian Body Wave Headband Wigs made of human virgin hair. This wig will help you to get length and volume altogether.

You can take some hair from your crown area and the front portion of your wig and take them back and secure them with a silk scarf. Put on some dewy makeup, and you are ready to steal the hearts.

Gold Threads August With 613 Straight Bundle

613 Straight Bundle

As the autumn turns everything orange, grab a chance to shine like a sun. Get a Virgin Brazillian 613 straight bundle and get it installed. Get a pretty french braid with tiny cute clips into it.

This look will make you fulfill your doll-like fantasy.

Boss Lady Short Hair September With Straight Lace Front Wig

Straight Lace Front Wig

It is the time to look fierce and confident. You can wear this look with Straight Lace Front Wigs and then give it a cut. You can keep the length as per your choice, but if you want to make it a statement. Do side partitions and then trim them to ear length.

The Virgin Human Hair Wigs by True Glory Extensions are versatile enough to get themselves colored, permed, or cut the way you desire.

Curl Bunch October With Deep Wave Headband Wig

Deep Wave Headband wig

This look is so playful and will make you look 5 years younger. Wear the Deep Wave Headband Wigs and then part them into the middle. You can style your hair by wearing them in two ponytails or making a high-top ponytail.

The wavy hair will definitely grab the attention of everyone.

Curled Ponytail November With Kinky Straight Lace Closure

Kinky Straight Lace Closure

The winter again starts to knock, and at that time, wearing furry sweaters makes your silhouette look fuller. Make it sleek with the ponytail. Install Kinky Curly Lace Closure, and then take all your hair high up to get yourself a curled ponytail.

This will make your features look sharper and will look amazing with high-neck tops and sweaters.

Fulani Braids December With Kinky Straight Bundle

Kinky Straight Bundle

Merry Christmas!The time to dazzle up the Christmas tree and so do your hair. You can get Fulani braids with Kinky Straight Human Hair Bundles. These braids are known for their sassy look with beaded stones and jewels in braids themselves that make your hair look blingy and stylish.

This look will compliment your Christmas and new year's eve celebrations a lot.


So, here comes the end. These are the 12 looks that will surely make your year so fashionable. True Glory Virgin Human Hair Extensions have a wide range of virgin human hair wigs and extensions that will give you variety to experiment without committing to one style for too long. So this year, make a resolution to be fashionable and be unique with True Glory!

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