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How Many Virgin Hair Extension Bundles Do You Need?

How Many Virgin Hair Extension Bundles Do You Need?

Many companies that sell virgin hair extensions forget that there are real people on the other end of each transaction. Unless you’re a customer, good luck getting them to answer questions you may have about their hair products, and even when you do place your order, some of these companies can be very hard to get a hold of.

Customer Service + The Best Virgin Hair Extensions = WINNING!

Here at True Glory Hair, we’re thankful for each and every customer who buys our virgin hair extensions. It wasn’t that long ago that we were selling our virgin hair products one at a time to women in Atlanta, and we believe that it’s only because of our high quality customer service that we’ve grown to offer True Glory Virgin hair to women all over the world!

Choosing The Right Number Of Virgin Hair Extension Bundles

That’s why we always take the time to answer your questions about our virgin hair extensions. One question our support team has encountered over and over is “how many virgin hair extension bundles do I need?” While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, we do have some guidelines that can help.

  • What’s Your Desired Length? If you’re going for a full sew-in with 24” hair, you’re going to need three to four bundles, where a short bob will only need two.
  • What Style Are You Looking At? Are you interested in Brazilian Body Wave hair or Brazilian Straight hair? The volume of each hair bundle plays a role in the number that you’ll need. If you’re going straight, each bundle will be slightly thinner, so you’ll likely need more.
Remember, when ordering virgin hair extensions from True Glory, each individual hair bundle is sold separately. Be sure to enter the quantity needed in the box before placing your order.
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