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3 More Tips For Seamlessly Blending Brazilian Body Wave Hair

3 More Tips For Seamlessly Blending Brazilian Body Wave Hair

In a previous blog post, we covered three important tips for making your True Glory Brazilian Body Wave hair look as natural as possible. These tips included resisting the “Rapunzel” look, trimming it in, and using highlights to help match your natural color.In this blog, we’ll continue the discussion of Brazilian Body Wave hair and how you can make it blend seamlessly with your natural hair by making smart decisions after getting hair extensions sewn in.


  1. Give Curls A Whirl - Straight hair is sexy but if you’re worried about your Brazilian Body Wave Hair looking completely natural, it might be time to explore the world of the curl. Especially for longer extensions sewn into shorter hair, your curling iron can be a useful tool for blending everything together.
  2. Wash Before Wear - We know it can be hard to resist wearing your True Glory Brazilian Body Wave hair immediately upon arrival, but washing your extensions before wearing them can help to improve their natural appearance. Just be sure to follow our tips for choosing the right shampoo and rinsing properly.
  3. Remember, Less Is More - We always want to help our customers choose exactly the right number of Brazilian hair bundles for the look they’re trying to achieve. You want to use just enough so that your style is natural, rather than bulking up in a way that looks artificial.


If you have any questions about buying the right number of Brazilian Body Wave hair products or the best way to integrate them into your natural hair, feel free to reach out on the True Glory Customer Support forum. Our knowledgeable team would love to assist you!

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