3 Tips For Seamlessly Blending Your Brazilian Body Wave Hair

We’re always so excited when a new customer buys our Brazilian Body Wave hair for the first time. Whether it’s a front, closure, or your first set of Brazilian Body Wave hair extensions, we’re sure you’ll be stunned by the quality and beauty of True Glory Brazilian Body Wave products as soon as you open the package.

But...then what?

After you snatch your True Glory hair bundles out of the mailbox, it’s time to get them sewn in so that you can start enjoying your new look. Whether you attach your Brazilian Body Wave hair by yourself, have a friend do it, or visit your girl down at the salon, here are a few tips to keep everything looking natural.

1. Resist The Rapunzel Look

We know. You want hair that hangs all the way to your booty like Bey. So you ordered the 30” Brazilian Body Wave hair extensions from True Glory and you want to KEEP them that way. Unfortunately, shorter hair extensions tend to look far more natural than ultra long ones. So it’s better to choose them based on your natural hair length.

2. Go Get A Trim

No matter what length you choose for your Brazilian Body Wave hair products, your first step after getting them sewn in should be visiting your stylist for a trim. This is even easier if she’s the one putting them in! Cutting in long layers keeps everything looking natural.

3. Hit ‘Em With Highlights

While we pride ourselves on offering high-quality Brazilian Body Wave hair products made with only the finest, untreated hair, it’s impossible to guarantee that it will match your natural hair color perfectly. Asking your stylist to punch up the color with some highlights and lowlights will make them blend in seamlessly!

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