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What's The Difference Between Brazilian Body Wave Hair Closures And Frontals?

What's The Difference Between Brazilian Body Wave Hair Closures And Frontals?

In addition to multiple lengths of Brazilian Body Wave hair extensions, you may have noticed that True Glory Hair also sells virgin Remy frontals and closures.

Available in Body Wave, Brazilian Body Wave, and Deep Wave varieties, these products enable you to customize your look, no matter how much natural hair you’re working with.

However, we’ve found that many True Glory fans are more familiar with the purpose and function of hair extensions than they are with frontals and closures.

Our support team gets lots of questions like “What’s the difference between frontals and closures?” and “Should I order a frontal and closure along with my virgin hair extensions?” So we decided to gather up some brief information on the topic in this blog!

  • Virgin hair closures sit on the crown of the head, and allow you to part your hair in a natural manner without it being possible to spot the closure with the naked eye.
  • Virgin hair frontals are “half wigs” that extend from ear to ear, and are generally sewn in with three to four bundles of Brazilian Body Wave hair.

One important thing to remember is that closures are not frontals, although frontals can be used as closures. In general, a Brazilian Body Wave frontal product can be used to hold many different styles or even pinned back, where as closures cannot.

When dealing with Brazilian Body Wave hair products, the biggest difference between a lace frontal and lace closure is generally way they’re constructed, materials used, and they way they’re attached to the scalp.

The Brazilian Body Wave frontals and closure products offered by True Glory Hair, are constructed from flesh-colored lace for a more breathable and subtle experience. Other closures, such as those constructed from a full flesh-colored poly coating, are the OPPOSITE of breathable and we’re not even sure why people still use them.

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